Beat the Statistics And Deliver Outstanding Project Results... Every Time!

Over 75% of corporate projects fail to meet even ONE of their baseline objectives. Implement the processes that have created tens of millions of dollars in value, globally across multiple industries with a 90%+ success rate, and stand out from the pack.

Get your FREE chapter of the playbook

Strategic Projects Mastery Playbook

Download a FREE chapter of the playbook responsible for 10s of millions of dollars of value in successfully delivered innovative, mission critical projects. 

  • Easy to understand and implement: Written as a step-by-step SOP rather than theory
  • Comprehensive end-to-end guidance: From discovery to on-going support, every aspect is covered (Critical "Definitions" covered in the FREE chapter)
  • Tried and Tested Methods: Actual techniques used by experienced and successful project leaders

Add our "Strategic Projects Mastery Playbook" to your SOP and deliver world-beating projects every time*

*It's the same one we've used for over 7 years!

We have distilled over 20,000 hours of innovative project experience across 5 continents into an easy-to-read, highly-actionable playbook, guarnateed to augment your ability to lead mission critical projects across your organisation. From project discovery to ongoing maintenance and forward innovation, we share our experience with project leaders like you, in a way that can slot directly into your organisation's projects SOP. 


Framework built to anticipate many scenarios and mitigate common problems, delivering results that your board can plan for.


Timelines, budgets, scope, resource allocation and other variables can be planned for the maximum possible accuracy.


Maintain the same high level of project delivery, regardless of department, team composition or any other variable factors. 


Spend time at work moving things forward rather than putting out fires. Spend more time OUTSIDE of work, doing things you love!

Present your project in the best possible terms

Follow our tried and tested project proposal template to position your project perfectly for board approval. Speak the language of a CFO when discussing ROI with your board. 

  • Calculate: Accurately identify key value metrics
  • Demonstrate: Apply metrics to project activities and outcomes
  • Propose: Compile everything together and present a compelling proposal to exponentially increase your project conversion percentage

Need Project Oversight?

Apply to work with us through our Project SOS programme and our Restoration Experts will assess how we can best help you deliver the maximum value from your project.

Take your project delivery results to a new level and work with our expert to 10x your outcomes!

We have distilled years of expertise into our comprehensive playbook, covering everything from discovery to ongoing support and innovation. We have created actionable steps, rooted in 20,000+ hours of experience. 

However, if you want/need that additional level of oversight to either get your new processes implemented or exponentially improve your results, we are available to work with a limited number of organisations directly. 

  • Anytime Access Support: Personalised, specific advice for nuanced situations at any time
  • Evidence based resolutions: Benefit of from our experience and settle difficult decisions with our advice
  • Broader Strategic Importance: Ensure that your projects align with long-term strategic objectives of the organisations and position you as a key person 

Apply below and someone will call you to assess eligibility.

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